Placement Issues LP

by Sybarite


From Boomkat : Sybarite’s Xian Hawkins has slowly, carefully pieced together an array of classic heartwarming tunes for a diverse list of labels. ‘Placement Issues’ is, thankfully, a collection of some of his finest moments. ‘Second Cities’ is perfect, sounding not too unlike Tortoise, the accoustic edge blossoms with an almost archetypal melody line, finely crafted with a subtle use of electronics and a train-moving-along-slowly-and-quietly-in-lushest-countryside kinda vibe. Lush. ‘Otonomy’ is stunning, clear as pure still water and brimming with velvet licks of warmth and an array of instruments. This is incredibly fragile music, achingly beautiful in all the right, understated ways. There are several such breathtaking moments here – as on ‘Lapsong’ and the stunning ‘Square One’. The LP finishes off where it all began – with the gorgeous ‘Meusic’ lifted off the aforementioned Emanate 7” of the same name. Superb.


released January 10, 2001



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Sybarite Massachusetts

Experimental electronic producer and composer Xian Hawkins is Sybarite.

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